Families in Crisis Conference Testimonials

“Just a note to say thanks for the great weekend. We got to get away from the stress and come back with some hope which was in short supply. Be sure and tell Taylor and Katie a Big thanks for sharing their stories. We were quite touched by that. I hope God uses them in the lives of other troubled teens in some mentoring capacity as it is much needed.” — Seminar Participant 

“All is well so far and I wanted to let you know that we have started to implement the plan and ideas we learned from Heartlight into our household. So far so good and I am amazed at the response from our children. We definitely have a long way to go with our daughter, but I am confident the guidance we received from Heartlight will help in the process of helping our daughter to make better choices. We have already learned to stick to our guns and it seems to be paying off. I will keep you posted and thank you so very much for all that Mark, Jan and all of you at Heartlight gave to me during a wonderful and enlightening weekend. God Bless.” — Seminar Participant

“Words can’t fully express how much this past weekend meant to us. We are full of hope that our family and our daughter really can change. We learned so much. It confirmed to us the strategies we had already put into place, and it gave us more pieces to the puzzle. It was encouraging to meet other struggling families. Thanks to you all! — Seminar Participant

“We appreciated the genuine and honest approach Mark presented in parenting teens in today’s culture. The weekend at the Gathering gave us a sense of renewed hope to face the challenges ahead and to trust in the Lord to change our boys’ hearts towards Him. We both recognized that it was us as a couple that first needed to change and as we shared this with our sons one of them said, “Hey, I like this conference. Maybe you should go again!” Thanks for everything–it was a real help for us in many ways. It was a huge blessing. — Seminar Participant

“The seminar truly impacted the lives of our parents and youth leaders. Mark’s unique ability to connect with parents who are frustrated and defeated is truly a gift. Mark has his hand on the pulse of this generation of young people and offers Biblical insight, Godly counsel and practical steps to help parents and leaders alike. Families have been healed and lives have been changed as a result of his faithful witness and testimony. Mark is the real deal and will give you a new perspective when it comes to parenthood.”  — Senior Pastor, Dallas, Texas

“Mark connected with parents right where they were. Every attendee of our seminar knew that Mark could relate to what they were going through…was a real blessing.” 
— Marriage and Family Pastor, Wheaton, Illinois

“It helped our parents and our ministry staff to better understand the culture and world that our teenagers live in. It also helped us to better understand the pressures that teenagers face, some of the thinking that goes on in their minds, and the reasons they act like they do. Parents of children of all ages (from 3 to 73) could benefit from the conference in dealing with their child. The semianr was much needed in our families’ lives.” 
— Minister to Students, Palestine, Texas

“I had such a wonderful time. The conference was cozy and not sterile like many arena type conferences, and I really felt like everyone there genuinely cared about our situations and really wanted to help us. The two biggest things I got out of the seminar is one: stop lecturing. I am a big information person and I love to learn new things so when I talk with my older kids I always tell them why something isn’t good for them or why people do what they do. Just wanting them to know the why’s of things. Never intending to be bossy, but just wanting to relay information. Having you tell us to always ask questions was huge. I was never taught that. I went home that night and took the kids out to dinner and only asked questions and I probably heard more out of my two teens mouths that night than the last two years put together. I have had continued conversations with them since and it really works. I am amazed and so grateful. The second thing was Marks phrase, ‘You can’t do anything to make me love you more, and you can’t do anything to make me love you less.’ Part of my frustration as a mom was how much I love my kids, try to teach them responsibility, respect and to live and I tell them all every day if not twice how much I love them. Then, they go and act like you don’t. It is so emotionally hurtful. I loved learning how they view things, why they do and that I need to reinforce that point so they feel safe to tell us anything. I have said that every day to them since I got back and I am stunned at what they have come forth with that they were withholding before. I can’t thank you all enough. We have been through so much trial and pain as a family and I know we have a long road ahead of us, but you have given us hope for the future and I feel much better equipped as a mom now that I have tools to work with. I never got them from my parents and want my kids to be able to do things differently from the get go when they have children. Thanks for the loving atmosphere and the warm welcome. I have already recommended you up and down to others. Three people are already on their way to buying your book. We can’t thank you enough and will keep you updated.”
— Seminar Participant

“Mark shares his secrets to survival and success in raising teenagers, offering parents a hand as they struggle for help.”
— Steve Largent, former U.S. Congressman and Member Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“Mark’s ministry overflows with biblical wisdom and practical insights gained over 3 decades of helping other parents like us. His impact on my own family has been measurable and lasting. Implement his insights and God’s blessing will be increasingly yours and your children’s.”
— Dr. James MacDonald, Walk in the Word, Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Church, Chicago

“Mark Gregston is relevent and effective in a painful world for teens. He is making a real difference.”

— Jon Rivers, KLOVE Morning Co-host, Host of 20 the Countdown Magazine

“These are tough times for teenagers, and Mark Gregston offers a rare blend of humor, heart and biblical wisdom.”
— Dr. John Trent, President, StrongFamilies.com and The Center for StrongFamilies

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