There is nothing worse than living with a teen spinning out of control, and no worse feeling than the hopelessness parents experience in the process.

It is difficult to know what to do and how to react when your teen daily reaches new lows in disobedience, dishonesty, and disrespect, and chooses every wrong thing.

When your teen is caught in “The Spin Cycle,” he or she needs parents to intervene. The downward spiral can have tremendous destructive potential with lifelong consequences, or even bring a young life to a quick end. Responsible adults need to respond, not react, even if the teen does everything they can to shut their parents out.

teen and parentsIf your teen is caught in that cycle, then you must act now. That’s why we developed the Families in Crisis Conference. It is designed to provide the parents of difficult teens many of the skills we teach our own staff. Come learn how to get your teen on the right path in life by behavior expert and Heartlight founder, Mark Gregston. You’ll learn everything you need to know to parent a rebellious or misbehaving teen in a totally new and more effective way.

Most of all, you’ll come away with a more complete understanding of the daily steps needed to influence real change in your home. And you’ll gain a renewed sense of power, purpose, energy and confidence in dealing with your teenager.

Who Should Attend?

This conference is designed specifically for the parents of struggling teens, not the teenagers themselves. Both parents should attend if at all possible, but that is not required.

Are Scholarships Available?

Yes, friends of our ministry have given gifts to help make it possible for single parents in economic difficulty to attend free. Please call us. If you would also like to help support this fund, please let us know or click here to give online.


The Families in Crisis Conference is held on the beautiful Heartlight campus, located about 150 miles east of Dallas on I20.

Your Leader:

Mark Gregston

The 3-day training conference is taught and hosted by Mark Gregston, author, national radio host and the Founder and Executive Director of Heartlight Ministries. Mark’s wife Jan and several Heartlight staff counselors will also participate in leading discussion during the 3-day weekend seminar.

How to Register…

Register online by clicking the “Online Registration” link in the right column, or call 903-668-2173 (weekdays 8am to 5pm Central).

What Past Participants Say…

“My husband and I attended this retreat and it changed our lives and the lives of our children. Things didn’t get all perfect but they did change and our family is stronger for it. This program–wow, tears just filled my eyes–not only repaired our relationships with our kids but with each other as well. We will forever be grateful that God lead us to Heartlight.” – Maria Bel Alfaro-Ontiveroz

“These seminars are so worth it! For years to come — not just in crisis. Thank you Mark for being so faithful to help families.”
-Kathy Spradling

“My husband and I attended this last December and I cannot begin to explain how helpful the experience was. Life is BETTER. my daughter is on a MUCH better path and we owe it ALL to Mark and Heartlight. None of you will be disappointed but filled with joy and HOPE that you never knew or thought possible. Mark and his team are amazing and your going to want to move to Texas to be part of such success. I want to go back with my children just to let them learn. If you are even considering Heartlight already…you already know where GOD has called you to and your children and family are worth the trip. GOD BLESS YOU on your journey to Heartlight! ” – Lori Stearns

“Mark’s insight is right on! I attended the retreat this last February and have seen a major change in my teenager! I was even shocked when my teenager quoted something Mark shares and she’s never heard a word from him. By the way, Mark does make a mean steak!”
– Sarah Lagana

“Just a note to say thanks for the great weekend. We got to get away from the stress and came back with some hope which was in short supply. Be sure and tell Taylor and Katie a Big thanks for sharing their stories. We were quite touched by that. I hope God uses them in the lives of other troubled teens in some mentoring capacity as it is much needed.” – Seminar Participant

“We appreciated the genuine and honest approach Mark presented in parenting teens in today’s culture. The weekend conference gave us a sense of renewed hope to face the challenges ahead and to trust in the Lord to change our boys’ hearts towards Him. We both recognized that it was us as a couple that first needed to change and as we shared this with our sons one of them said, “Hey, I like this conference. Maybe you should go again!” Thanks for everything — it was a real help for us in many ways. It was a huge blessing.” – Seminar Participant

“Mark’s unique ability to connect with parents who are frustrated and defeated is truly a gift. Mark has his hand on the pulse of this generation of young people and offers biblical insight, godly counsel and practical steps to help parents and leaders alike. Families have been healed and lives have been changed as a result of his faithful witness and testimony. Mark is the real deal and will give you a new perspective when it comes to parenthood.” – Senior Pastor, Dallas, Texas

“Mark connected with parents right where they were. Every attendee of our seminar knew that Mark could relate to what they were going through…was a real blessing.” – Marriage and Family Pastor, Wheaton, Illinois

“I had such a wonderful time. The conference was cozy and not sterile like many arena type conferences, and I really felt like everyone there genuinely cared about our situations and really wanted to help us. I can’t thank you all enough. We have been through so much trial and pain as a family and I know we have a long road ahead of us, but you have given us hope for the future and I feel much better equipped as a mom now that I have tools to work with. I have already recommended you up and down to others. We can’t thank you enough.” – Seminar Participant

“Mark shares his secrets to survival and success in raising teenagers, offering parents a hand as they struggle for help.” – Steve Largent, former U.S. Congressman and Member Pro Football Hall of Fame

“Mark’s ministry overflows with biblical wisdom and practical insights gained over 3 decades of helping other parents like us. His impact on my own family has been measurable and lasting. Implement his insights and God’s blessing will be increasingly yours and your children’s.” – Dr. James MacDonald, Walk in the Word, Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Church, Chicago

“These are tough times for teenagers, and Mark Gregston offers a rare blend of humor, heart and biblical wisdom.” – Dr. John Trent, Author and President, StrongFamilies.com